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AOC Further Weakens The First Amendment

    Bowne Report – Nov 19, 2021

    The Democratic process under Nancy Pelosi has become that of a dictatorship. As the face of the January 6th patriot trap, Jacob Chansley is sentenced to 3 years and 5 months in order to strengthen the Democrats stranglehold on their politics of fear and victimization.

    The House of tyrants are now setting a new precedent. Stripping their opposition of their committee assignments over hypercriticism of an anime. Meanwhile ignoring the violent rhetoric that incited billions of property damage and at least two dozen deaths.

    Arizona Republican Representative Paul Gosar posted this video to Twitter. The video depicts Gosar as the hero Attack on Titan anime defeating the oppressive Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and Joe Biden. Leave it to the victimization mindset of the Democrats to wield tyranny in the form of censure to further destroy freedom of expression and accelerate the characterization of the GOP as White Supremacists and misogynists.

    If the Democrats truly had their way, they would imprison anyone and everyone they deem inferior to their lunacy.

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    1 thought on “AOC Further Weakens The First Amendment”

    1. There’s just something about AOC that makes me feel very, very violent. The sound of her stupid voice spewing dumbassery, makes me want to curb stomp that stupid snootch. I mean, it is unreasonable how much I want to cause severe damage to her. I want to beat her like…….like she fucked my old man, or something. What a stupid, useless, twat.

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