Jim Crenshaw – June 18th, 2022

They keep telling us we “will eat zee bugs and be happy”. They are killing off animals and burning down processing and distribution facilities across the country. They are paying farmers to destroy crops and Bill the Gates of hell is buying up farmland, but he is not doing any farming.
Source: The Still Report


jbsee · 19 June 2022 at 2:26 AM

They can call it whatever they want, it is satanism.
They always confuse people by naming something the exact opposite of what it really is.
It is really the slavery of enemies, under a false idolatry of a demonic entity in a human body, that calls himself, Rob Burton, and he robs people of their souls. Every cult from the Process church, to NXIVM, is just an imitation of what Hell is like and has nothing in it of what Heaven is like. It is just like communism. Communism is nothing like communism/community sharing, no money needed at all because all are equal. It is the exact opposite. Communism is just a new form of capitalism where the state takes the place of the capitalist class, and there is no equal wealth sharing. Capitalism in the USA is just like communism only the state and the capitalist class pretend not to be one unit, all freemasonic satanists, and there is no equal wealth sharing. You have a 2 class system, rich freemasons who got all the good jobs and do not have to pay for college or pay back loans or even pass exams to get degrees they climb to the top over people who are truly qualified and worked hard and paid for their educations. Who do the will of their masters, the soulless, having sold their souls to get tot he top 33 degree Masons=Illuminati, who are doing the will of the top Luciferians who are the banking and finance non-human entities in human bodies, who got that way by preforming satanic rituals that please Lucifer, and make sure every money making enterprise they run, destroys the earth, which then causes the earth in turn, to spit back disasters and cataclysms, that cause what they call climate change, and blame all of you for it. Then they LIE and say they are against climate change, and punish all of you for creating it, for profit and to do more harm to the environment. They became the elite, by doing satanic rituals that involve participation in the things that are only done in Hell, sex orgies, drugs and drinking the blood and eating the flesh of living victims, that are usually too tiny and weak and helpless or tied down and can’t defend themselves, so they can take in life force energy and get more “power” = more demons from Hell infesting them. You in America and in all the wealthiest nations are run by satanists. They would not be the wealthiest nations oif they did not worship Lucifer. They get wealthy just like freemasons do, by serving satan, Lucifer and all the demonic entities from Hell, that now live on the earth, Hell is empty. Their one purpose is to make the earth a dead planet, like Hell, and to destroy the physical life on this planet he made for you who have souls. including animals who have souls. They sacrifice and kill animals too, because they have souls and are helpless.
Every satanic cult has doctors in them so they can drug victims. That is why they made Eyes wide shut, with a protagonist who was a doctor, to fool you. They do abortions, which is a blood satanic sacrifice ritual. America is a satanic cult. All the wealthiest nations will be the first to be destroyed in the coming purification, America first. America will burn, and there is no life death, after death in Hell for the soulless. It is one endless satanic ritual for eternity. All because you accepted Lucifer’s money system and spread it globally, and made the world enslaved to the NWO, the second kingdom of Hell, the new Hell.
When the money system is gone very soon, by October, you better learn how people live in Heaven, without any money system of or inequality of needs, where all are free and equal, true communism the way everyone lived before the money system, the way Christ came to teach you, including not eating animals. or you will NEVER know Heaven after this earth dies and becomes a dead planet the one the NWO is really working towards making it become, very soon. Animals have souls, they do not kill and eat animals in heaven, only in HELL. The first Christians lived like Jesus taught them to they were vegetarians for the first 300 years. It is a historical fact, one they never mention. Because they are all feemasons, satanists or top capstone, Luciferians in a pyramid of inequality, the money system, that feeds off your ignorance. They have made you ignorant, using science. Telling you all the old ancient knowledge is superstition and myth. They took that from you to destroy you and enslave you, and feed you BS in its place. That is the same thing a CULT does. That is what satanism has done to you. Removed/destroyed all you know to be right and truth, and replace it with their LIES and acceptance of what is only done in HELL. God gave up on you after that, it is only you who can save yourselves and your souls now. You have to repent and ask for God’s help or be lost to him forever. In Hell you will devolve into demons in the image of the devil. When you lose your souls, you will have only the lizard brain consciousness, of fear and hate, like the NWO elite freemasonic satanic leaders of the earth, soon to be hell do. It is either join them or return to God now. The time of this age is almost up=2023. Heaven is now a one time opportunity only. Science did nothing but destroy the environment, it is satanic and controlled by freemasonry. They want a dead plent earth. They want to destroy the physical dimension of time ans space. Then there will only be the lower dimension whicjh has no life in it. It is permanent death, where you can be tortured in Hell forever, and never die. That is their goal as sadists. They did it before and earth will become their second Hell. That is what they are doing with all science and with CERN. If you evolve, higher you will enter a higher dimension of time and space that is beyoud anything I could explain that you could not fathom or understand. NO SCIENCE or anything satanic the devil pushes on you, exists there. It is all done with the mind. Manifesting materializing from the mind through the pure evolved soul, incredible beautiful things you are now unaware even exist. They want to rob you of that the devils have been working hard to that one goal to take that from you. To make you devolve rather than evolve. The DEVIL is winning that war with God. You must resist the devil to be worthy of evolution into higher dimensions of LIFE, to become angelic beings. PLEASE start to THINK FOR YOURSELVES don’t let them tell you LIES and think for you, or you will end up in HELL for eternity. The FINAL JUDGEMENT comes in 2023. The world will be purified and the devils who are satanic controlling you will soon be in Hell for all eternity. IT is a TEST.
Before it comes God in his MERCY will do many miracles to save you.
JESUS will return, but only those with souls will be there after the purification.
NO VACCINES, NO NANO CHIPS, NO alterations to you DNA. or you will not be there when Jesus returns. You will not be part of evolution HIGHER, to HEAVEN, ever, for eternity.
PRAY and ask God to protect and save your souls.

daniel valerio · 19 June 2022 at 2:27 AM

Follow the men with little hats destruction every were they go .

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