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ANGER AND DESPAIR: Andrews crushes hopes for eased restrictions

    Sky News Australia – Oct 25, 2020

    Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has crushed Melburnians’ hope for freedom as he announced the city will remain in strict lockdown.

    Premier Andrews announced there are no major easing of restrictions for Melbourne after the state recorded seven new cases and no deaths in the last 24 hours.

    “We had hoped today to be able to announce that metropolitan Melbourne would take significant steps, not from today but from mid-week, round retail, hospitality and a whole range of other, important next steps,” he said.

    “We are not in a position to do that today because we have at least 1000 test results from that northern metropolitan outbreak that are in the labs.

    “We will get those today, probably the balance of them tomorrow, and they will be additional testing conducted throughout the day.

    “This is not anything other than a cautious pause, to wait to get that important information, to get the results of those tests.

    “Just to rule out whether there are, whether there is more virus there than we think.

    “Ultimately, if we can link these cases together, if we can link different outbreaks, then we have confidence that we have contained it and we can move forward.

    “This is not a setback. It is simply waiting and being led by the data, being led by the science, and following public health advice.”

    Sky News Australia

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