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Andrews to Ease Fewer Restrictions than Planned

    Sky News Australia – Oct 10, 2020

    Premier Daniel Andrews has confirmed Victoria would begin easing restrictions from next Sunday, though not as quickly or as far-reaching as initially planned as his state recorded 14 new cases of coronavirus.

    “I think it’s unlikely we’ll be able to move as fast as we would like to have done next Sunday, so I think it’s unlikely we will be able to take steps as big as we had hoped next Sunday, but I want to confirm for all Victorians we will take steps next Sunday,” he said.

    Mr Andrews said he, other ministers and health authorities would be working to determine what those eased steps would look like.

    “We’ve all come a very long way, and the last thing I will sign off on is doing what might be popular and what, perhaps, will please some, but are actions that are not safe and will set us back.

    “The tail of this second wave was always going to be stubborn, and that’s exactly how it’s panned out.”

    Sky News Australia

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