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Andrews government now subject to ‘multiple criminal investigations’: Peta Credlin

    Sky News Australia – Mar 11, 2021

    Sky News host Peta Credlin says the Andrews government, now confirmed as subject to multiple criminal investigations, must tell us immediately who is involved, who is subject to criminal investigation, and for those people to be stood aside.

    “I have not forgotten last year’s disastrous hotel quarantine program,” Ms Credlin said.

    “Last year, the head of an employer organisation representing independent contractors – Mr Ken Phillips … wrote to WorkSafe Victoria”.

    Mr Ken Phillips, in his letter, detailed a “raft of alleged criminal offences” in the way Victoria’s hotel quarantine program was operated, according to Ms Credlin.

    “Importantly, in Victoria, not to provide a safe system of work is a serious criminal offence,” she said.

    “For months, information back from WorkSafe to Ken Phillips was scarce to say the least”.

    “In recent days, he’s now got further confirmation that there’s a formal investigation underway for breach of Victoria’s industrial workplace laws in relation to last year’s hotel quarantine breaches, that – of course – triggered the state’s second wave lockdowns”.

    “In other words, the Victorian government is now subject to criminal investigation.”

    Ms Credlin noted it was unknown which individuals are “caught up in this criminal investigation”.

    “But tonight it seems it isn’t just the events of last year’s second wave that appear to be before WorkSafe for investigation.”

    She revealed WorkSafe Victoria has now confirmed they are also investigating alleged breaches in hotel quarantine just prior to Victoria’s third lockdown in February.

    “Confirmed from Victoria’s Shadow Minister for Emergency Services Nick Wakeling … in response to a letter from him a few weeks back,” Ms Credlin said.

    “With multiple criminal investigations now confirmed as ongoing, the Andrews Government must immediately tell us who is involved, who is subject to serious criminal investigation, and for those individuals to be stood aside”.

    “On this and with so much else in this sorry, sorry mess, I am not going away and I am not giving up.”

    Sky News Australia

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