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Americans Ignore UFO Declassification Hearing Due To Massive Government Distrust

    War Room With Owen Shroyer – May 18, 2022

    You would think that a US government hearing on UFOs would gather more attention and concern. Not today. The lack of attention or care to this story shows that Americans don’t trust the government and that they are concerned with the real issues they are facing, thanks to the disaster that is the Biden Administration. Elon Musk says some interesting things in his most recent interview, from making fun of Joe Biden to saying he will be voting Republican. Owen Shroyer plays the most recent videos of liberals sexualizing children, it will just infuriate you. Tara Shaver has been fighting abortions in America for years, she is now attempting to end abortion is New Mexico. She joins to discuss the battle over abortion in America.

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    2 thoughts on “Americans Ignore UFO Declassification Hearing Due To Massive Government Distrust”

    1. The USA knows all about the aliens, they invited them here. They gave the USA all its technology and weapons. They run the USA and the world. They are the NWO. They run freemasonry and the Vatican and the last 6 popes. They run the Money system and the aliens are now the NWO. WW3 and the entire earth will belong to them. They run NASA. They are not aliens, they are the demonic entities that came her and did the same thing in Atlantis. They came from Mardak, the missing/actually invisible planet between mars and Jupiter. The ones that the fallen angels live on and totally destroyed all life on. It exists only as a spirit world. They are only here in spirit except when the sun does not hit them. They are the ones known as Vampires. They drink adrenochrome. They live underground, in the tunnels under the earth. They can’t exist in sunlight, unless they are inside a human body, possessing it. The government built the DUMBS for them. They supply the children and people for them. The military is one with them. Read Behold a pale Horse by William Cooper. He explains the treaty they signed with the devils, and at the same time rejected the treaty with the angelic beings. Eisenhower did it. He was a jew = one of them from Mardak already. They may occupy as vessels anyone practicing satanism, freemasonry, anyone without a soul. They want to destroy all life on earth and make it like Mardak which is Hell. They want earth to become a second Hell. To make it invisible after all life has been killed off, so the spirits of people can be tortured forever, because there is no death. They lie when they say they know nothing about the UFOs, because if you knew what they are doing with and for them, you would rebel. CERN was built as a portal from earth to Mardak, They gave earth all its present technology, with the intention of useing it to destroy all life on earth with that technology, ending with the death of your minds and bodies and souls, with the VaXX, the digital ID and Chip in the brain, Neurolink. Your consciousness will still exist, it can’t die, but you will have no free thought or free will. The VAXX is to remove the holy spirit from your bodies. You all must PRAY to God. God can only help you if you ask him to. He will save anyone who PRAYS and chooses him over the devil jews and the fallen angels of Hell. Pray or you will be lost from God, oneness with God, the LOVE, PEACE and freedom only God will give you. The end times are here. The devils have KIlled the sun. They shot it with radiation, they used NASA to do that. It will soon spaz out with solar flares and rain fire on the earth and die, no more giving light. Then 3 days of darkness. Only those who love God and reject the devils will be saved. God will create a new earth after for those who are his, who still have souls. The black sun is coming. It is the giant fire and ice invisible cloak of Hell that will envelop the entire earth, just like Maldak. It is dark, a dark star, not solid, it is cloudy and thick made of Life killing energy, death energy. It is called the destroyer, because that is its only power, to destroy life. It is Hell #2. Brought to you by the minions of Lucifer, satan and all the fallen angels your governments who say “we don’t know from aliens and UFOs” and are LYING. Who sy “we will reveal all e know about them finally” and are lying. Waco, David Koresh knew, they killed them, JFK and Marilyn Monroe knew, and they killed them, shut them up, all before they could tell the world.

      1. Giovanni Fiordaliso

        Woah, I read this whole thing. While I knew alot of what you were saying some of it was new to me. Besides Bill Cooper where did you learn about Mardak, and how did Koresh and JFK know of this? Where did you read this?

        Sincere question, any info would be appreciated thanks.

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