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American general: For only 66 billion, we got Ukraine, which is fighting against Russia

Cyþher – October 8th, 2022

American General Jack Keane admitted to “Fox News” television that for only 66 billion dollars, Washington managed to get “Ukraine, which instead of America is at war against Russia.”

As he said, since February of this year, the USA has invested 66 billion dollars in the Kiev regime, which helped in arming Ukraine and motivating the public for a war against Russia.

He also assessed that “that investment in Ukraine is quite profitable, since for a relatively small sum, from America’s point of view, in the war with Russia, it is not Americans who die, but Ukrainians.”

“Some Republicans doubt the correctness of our expenses, especially when it comes to Ukraine, however, our budget is six trillion dollars, and even several hundred billion more.” This means that we invested only a pittance in Ukraine – only 66 billion during the year. That’s 1.1 percent of the budget, and what are we getting for that,” he said.

I love the numerology 6 trillion and 66 billion

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