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America is Tired of Being Israel’s Bitch – Mike Harris

    MediaGiant – March 30th, 2023

    The Zionist regime was the prime force behind the 9/11 attacks, and Israeli spies working for Mossad were celebrating the burning Twin Towers on September 11, 2001, not Arab Muslims.

    Israel was Prime Force Behind 9/11 Attacks: American Scholar

    The FBI’s ‘Dancing Israelis’ Investigation Reveals Israeli Foreknowledge of 9/11

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    1 thought on “America is Tired of Being Israel’s Bitch – Mike Harris”

    1. This is how it ends, over 2000 years ago, Satan offered the 13th tribe all the power and wealth in the whole world if they would worship him as God, and in the place of God and renounce God and Crucify God, while he was here to save us from evil and sin and the demonic beings of Hell who existed on earth, running the ancient Babylonian money system, the very first money system that still exists today=Moloch Mammon worship.
      Jesus rejected his offer of course.
      Now through their ownership of the money systems = Private, Jewish owned Central Banks, these minions of Satan are about to receive the promised reward, in their bargain with Satan: all the power and wealth of the entire world.
      Meanwhile the Gentiles who chose to worship God and his son Jesus Christ and the Holy spirit, and save their souls from the fires of Hell, to receive eternal life everlasting in Heaven with God, the saints and the angels.
      But in reality, these demonic beings, who exist by possessing the bodies of soulless minions generation by generation, the devils, the demonic beings, who are the fallen angels of Hell under Lucifer, have succeeded in taking the entire world that God created for all his children (the gentiles) to share EQUALLY, in brotherhood, as they did before the money system arrived.
      The devil has tricked his minions as he always does, he just used them and they will all go to eternal Hell where there is no water, only eternal FIRE.
      He is just using the jews and they will have nothing, but the followers of Jesus Christ, who rejected the devil and are true their true King, lord and master, will attain eternal life in Heaven.
      Most of the Muslims know, that the jews are the devil.
      Most Christians worship the jews like they are God.
      More Muslims are in heaven and how evil the devil is, when the jews take over america in ww3.
      They will all be hunted down and killed the same way they lie and tell you Hitler did to them in their Holocaust. The same way they did in Russia and China’s communist revolutions, and they will use the other nations they totally control: Russia and China to imprison, torture, and slaughter all the Christians her in america as soon as WW3 begins and ends with the total destruction (scalar weapons, nukes, microwave and laser weapons) of america.
      Because america enthusiastically and proudly chose to be Israels Bitch: one nation under SATAN.

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