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ALL stated for a REASON. Get the WORD OUT, Liar-in-Chief, Turkey, DEWS, DeSANTIS. PRAY!

    And We Know – Feb 8th, 2023

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    Into the Transcendence
    Song by Tilman Sillescu

    Senator Malcolm Roberts Of Queensland Warns WHO Is Calling For Worldwide Mandatory Vaccination, Lockdowns, And Detention Of Non-Compliant People β€” A β€œDystopian Nightmare”

    ⚠️How HAARP changes the earth’s frequencies to create earthquakes.

    HAARP earthquake weapons do exist…..

    Trump – and this on Ron DeSanctimonious…

    The REAL State of the Union from President Trump.

    Jim Jordan giving an update post the Twitter files investigation…

    ‼️ β€œThe barbaric Western sanctions combined with heating, fuel, and electricity shortages are causing absolute devastation in Syria’s quake-hit cities”, says Vanessa Beeley.

    Earthquakes follow the fault lines.

    This was recorded in Turkey prior to the earthquake. The “magma beam” was directed from the air over the fault line.



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