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Alan Jones – This is not a pandemic it is a ‘Catastrophic State Government Failure’

    Sky News Australia

    Sky News host Alan Jones says the COVID-19 outbreak in Victoria and Australia is not a pandemic but a catastrophic state government failure.

    Mr Jones pointed to each state’s total number of active cases in comparison to Victoria, which with 25 per cent of the population, also has 63 per cent of the total nation-wide deaths and 89 per cent of current cases.

    In the ACT, South Australia, and Tasmania there are currently no active cases, while there are seven sick in Queensland, and six in NSW.

    “I thought a pandemic was a disease which was prevalent over a whole country or the world,” Mr Jones said.

    “I think that spells four words; catastrophic state government failure.”

    “We have never seen this incompetence in the history of Australian government.”

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