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AFU Slaughters Civilian Fisherman In Cold Blood With Drone – Films It and Brags About It

    December1991 – April 29th, 2023

    2nd Angle of AFU’s Murder of Kherson Civilian Fisherman

    AFU militants filmed a whole operation to kill a civilian on a drone and proudly publish footage

    ▪️”The work of our defense forces from the 192nd battalion / 124th separate troop brigade” is the proud name of the video…

    ▪️In the Kherson region on the Dnieper River, a man in civilian clothes tried to explain to the drone operator that he was a civilian, but the Nazis fired artillery at him…

    ▪️Now in TG channels, Nazi admins ban their own Ukrainians who write about the murder of a civilian.

    ▪️”They killed a civilian fool fisherman. Peremoga …” – write some adequate Ukrainians.

    ▪️The guy did not have any weapons, did not shoot, did not do any dangerous actions, and was killed just like that…

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