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A terrorist attack by the Kiev regime in central Lughansk

    Annalinna – May 15th, 2023

    2 thoughts on “A terrorist attack by the Kiev regime in central Lughansk”

    1. It is Russia, they are the scourge of the world and working with the drug addict Zelinsky, setting up WW3.
      However there is hope you must read it here:
      The virgin Mary appeared in Ukraine and over 500,000 people saw during the Our Lady, during these apparitions even KGB agents, saw her and news crews also filmed some of it.
      Everyone on earth is either working for God or working for Satan right now.
      The jews always work for Satan from the beginning and will always work only for satan until the end.

    2. The Tartarian Civilization 🌈
      The Golden Empire, FREE ENERGY and FreeDom for All, Bleach Out from Human History is Coming Back 🦋

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