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A nurse is explaining what these clot shots are doing to the immune system! Listen Closely!!!

    FreiheitsFreund – September 27th, 2021

    Video taken from OVID VACCINE VICTIMS AND FAMILIES. – It explains a lot why there are many people with no side effects. They don’t know that their white blood cells are being wiped out systematically.



    16 thoughts on “A nurse is explaining what these clot shots are doing to the immune system! Listen Closely!!!”

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        1. Why would I believe ‘Cloudbuster’ is a Troll? I mean just because this XIR was the first one to jump on this with a MSM talking point?

          Tons of people talking about these disasters on alternative media like Telegram, total shut-down (censoring for the stupid) of these opinions on the MSM and Tech Social Media. Why be suspicious that the normies will come after people like the Trolls with pitchforks and rope when the truth fully escapes?

      1. It’s not just this one person it’s the VARES Database, the injured people on,, The telegram groups of vax injured, all of the videos on twitter of people dying, the report that death are up but it’s not covid and then they list what they are and it’s the same things the vaxxed are dying of.

        Then there are the Doctors and Scientists that have spoken out.

        And much more.

      2. Why should we mindlessly believe government officials with zero medical/scientific credentials who are being informed by advisors and companies who are making billions on the vaccine? Because lab coat. There is an overwhelming amount of anecdotal evidence and field obsevations to support the theory that the vaccine is at best, nothing more than a symptom reducer, and at worst, deadly.

        1. There is the problem. “Anecdotal Evidence” . In other words, “ I heard a guy that knew a guy whose cousin got real sick and he lived next door to a nurse who gave people shots.” What a load of claptrap. Anecdotal is not evidence of anything but an active imagination.

    2. I trust the good, the beautiful and the true. I don’t trust people who force injection mandates and travel licenses onto people.

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    4. “Trust, but verify” was the motto that ended the First Cold War. Of course we don’t just take the word of some anonymous person who says they’re a nurse at face value. But neither are we stupid enough to believe a government and ruling class that has lied constantly for more than 100 years.
      I’m far more afraid of the government that lied about wars since the Spanish-American War, and lied about the murder of President Kennedy, and lied about Vince Foster, and lied about Jeffrey Epstein. Hey, when has our government ever not lied? I can’t think of even 1 time.

    5. She’s wrong. The protocol for the first and second shot is exactly the same. Same amount of saline used to reconstitute the same vials. The vials are not labeled “first/second shot” NONE OF THEM ARE. As for AED occurring it is possibly likely but we have no idea how it will manifest in humans.

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    8. If it’s so great, why are they forcing us to get it? The people calling the shots are making $BILLIONS. Take the jab and take your chances. Natural Selection at work. There is no need for a vaccine because there are cures. Wake up.

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