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A Deep-Dive Look Inside The Synagogue of Satan and Worldwide Communist Take-Over

    SonOfEnos – June 5th, 2023

    Truthers have been very adept at describing the Crimes Against Humanity and Communist infiltration that has been occurring around the world, but all too often they stop short of revealing the actual criminals who are behind it. What good comes from describing the crime while failing to identify the criminals? Perhaps they’re afraid of the consequences? Not me, we are at war, and as a grizzled soldier in the information warfare that’s characterized WW3, I must speak the truth and name names.

    It’s episodes like this one, which should make it clear why it is that I don’t have advertisers. It’s the price to pay for calling out the Jews, and why this channel is dependent upon your contributions. Here’s the link, thank you and God Bless

    Here’s the link to Harry Vox Unsafe Spaces Bitchute channel

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    3 thoughts on “A Deep-Dive Look Inside The Synagogue of Satan and Worldwide Communist Take-Over”

    1. To remind you of the words of Dr Day “Everything has two purposes. One is the ostensible purpose which will make it acceptable to people; and second, is the real purpose which would further the goals of establishing the new system and having it.”
      The true purpose is that in the battle for our souls: Satan’s kingdom comes. Satan’s will be done.
      On Earth as it is in Hell.
      Everything they tell us is the second cover purpose hides the fact that it is all a Satanic ritual sacrifice, every part of their plans and their agendas
      How do we stop it?
      1) Refuse to take part in their satanic rituals.
      2) Put an end to the jewish owned Satanic religion: the money/banking and finance system.
      3) Stop believing their lies.
      4) Make it illegal for the jews to organize and form any jewish to form organizations and monopolies.
      5) Prevent the jews from owning anything, because this world was made for and given to God’s children, not the devil’s minions, the jews. Hell is their only true homeland. Let them live and die naturally and go to their Father’s kingdom of Hell, without procreating here on earth, which belongs only to the gentiles. Anything the jews own has been stolen from them by the criminal deceit of organized jews.
      6) Stop jews from communicating in any way with gentiles because they only LIE.
      7) Make it LAW, that the jews can never receive what Satan promised them for Killing Jesus Christ our King: No wealth or any power in this world.
      The jews re-crucify Jesus every moment, they get that wealth and power.
      They get it for continuing to do Satan’s will on earth.
      When that happens: this world becomes Satan’;s kingdom.
      Only GOD’s will must be done on earth. This world is not God’s kingdom, when it is Satan’s kingdom.
      To accept the jews is to accept Hell on earth under the rule of Satan.
      Do what Hitler really did. He did not kill any jews or treat them badly. The Red Cross visited and recorded that the camps were like country clubs.
      He wanted to separate the jews male from female so they could not reproduce more soulless jews who exist only to serve Satan to bring hell to earth.
      They do not belong in the societies that are gentile,
      because they HATE all Gentiles and are sworn enemies against all gentiles.
      They are the people who Killed Jesus in the Bible.
      They were then run out of the Holy Land for what they did. Saint Paul gave up on ever bringing Jesus Christ to them, and instead as it says in the Bible, Paul chose to only bring Jesus to the Gentiles. He said he was finished with the jews.
      The Ashkenazi continue to Hate all Christians as they do now. Noah, Japeth, Gomer, Ashkenaz, are the 13th tribe, the lost tribe: the Ashkenazi.
      Jesus was in the wilderness and Satan appeared to him offering him all the wealth and power in the world. Jesus declined.
      Then Satan gave the same bargain to the Ashkenazi,
      they accepted and became the enemies of Jesus, who had to hide from them.
      They gave the 30 pieces of silver to Judas to betray Jesus.
      They crucified Jesus for Satan in exchange for all the wealth and power in the world: if they worshiped and obeyed Satan as their GOD.
      They to this day serve satan for MONEY and POWER.
      Satan has used them as his minions on earth, to destroy souls, gentle souls.
      The jews lost their own souls a long time ago when they called for the crucifixion of Jesus and Called for Barrabas in his place, on passover.
      They called out “Let his blood be on our hands and our children’s forever”.
      Every jew lives only once and goes directly to Hell afterward.
      They are all born psychopaths with a demon or demons appointed them at birth.
      As they serve Satan more and more demons come to possess them, and use them.
      They spend their lives seeking money, ego, pleasures and power and they all must serve Satan in order to get any of it.
      They live by total SELFISHNESS and cannot give Charity except as a ploy and a trick, because Charity requires LOVE.
      They can not love or serve God.
      They cannot Love or have a conscience that requires a soul.
      They have no empathy or compassion and know no truth, they only LIE.
      There is no limit to the evil they will and must do for Satan.
      The jews have children only for SATAN, to keep his minions working for him on earth.
      There is no such thing as a real marriage or family among jews.
      They want all gentiles to be reduced to their level of depravity and derangement.
      They want you gentiles to also be as SOULLESS as they are.
      Hence the pushing of everything satanic on you and calling it good, claiming it is progress.
      What these jews did: killing Jesus and swearing allegiance and obedience to Satan, changed the past and the future, all the way back in time.
      Once you lose your soul and become the subject of Satan, he owns you all the way back to when you were first created by God, and makes you instead his own creation: a demon.
      That is the real way the sheep and the goats are separated.
      When God says “You never knew me”. That is what he means.
      If you choose renounce God and become Satan’s property, you lose your soul and become his from the beginning, and you will never know, understand, comprehend fell or believe there is a God from the beginning and for all eternity, you will only know the Pure EVIL and Sadism that is SATAN only.
      That is the real battle in Heaven. In the end if you belong to God from the beginning until the absolute end of Satan’s reign on earth, ONLY, will you be his for eternity.
      That end is coming very soon. Sooner than you think.

      It explains the richest Men in the world.
      Also:from same website:
      “..From 1932 until the outbreak of World War II, the US government and the Jewish media extravagantly threatened the whole world that Japan or Germany would attack every nation and inevitably plunder all their central and commercial banks. The proposed solution was for all banks in all countries of the world to transfer their entire gold reserves to the US Fed for safekeeping until the end of the war. And that’s how it happened. Each day the New York Times faithfully recorded the shipments of millions of dollars of gold from all these countries to the USA. One NYT article claimed that in 1938, seven US Navy destroyers loaded with 125,000 tons of Chinese gold arrived in the US. These “deposits” were backed by gold certificates issued by the U.S. Treasury Department,

      However, there does not seem to be a single credible case of this gold ever being returned to its owners. In each case, the FED stated that the certificates offered were either fake with obvious misspellings and other errors, or simply “could not confirm the issuance of certificates” with these serial numbers and refused to pursue them. A Financial Times journalist stated:

      “It has reached the point where you can walk into one of the big banks in New York, London or Zurich, give them half a ton of gold in exchange for a certificate of ownership, walk around the block for 10 minutes, go back into the same bank and they will deny that they have ever seen you and have you arrested for providing them with a false certificate.

      The Fed suddenly decided to melt down and convert all of its gold stock in order to “prefer to have all gold bars in the same shape.” No explanation was offered, but it wasn’t really necessary. Smelting tens of thousands of tons of gold is a huge undertaking, complicated and very expensive, and would never be done for the stupid reason of changing the shape of the bars. Whatever the FED’s stated purpose, the main result was that the melted gold no longer contained its original markings, meaning that there was no longer any way to identify the original source of that gold. And that meant that no one could ever prove that the gold held by the Fed was gold that was – in fact – stolen – from almost every country in the world. ..”

      Harry Vox is a jew, just like Alex Jones.
      If he wasn’t the f word would not pop out of his mouth 15 times per sentence.
      Also like Alex Jones, his name “VOX” is also a fake. Harry is a very jewish name.
      They both never say the name Jesus, just as no Jew can.
      They both talk like the jews are just ‘smarter’ than the stupid goyim, when he tells us what the jews are up to. He makes jews look like they are more superior than the gentiles by virtue of the stupidity of the gentiles. They both get all angry and livid and mouthy like typical jews always do.

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