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A Cure For Cancer Discovered Over 40 Years Ago That The FDA Is Still Fighting

    Jim Crenshaw – June 16th, 2022

    And now that we have seen all of this Covid garbage and the mass murder for profit, we know why don’t we? They make to much money off of giving us cancer and treating us for it, they never intend to cure anything. That would cut off the flow of money. Source: JBossman on

    Dr Brzynski Website

    1 thought on “A Cure For Cancer Discovered Over 40 Years Ago That The FDA Is Still Fighting”

    1. As I have always said, doctors are greedy psychopaths. They all end up in Hell for what they do to people and what they did not do for people.
      There are many cures for cancer.
      Essiac, raw food diet, and this one discovered by 2 bothers from 1968:
      Inject the blood of someone who has cancer into a pregnant cow.
      When the cow gives birth, give the cancer patient the first colostrum, until the cancer is cured by it.
      When a mother mammal is pregnant she develops an immunity to whatever, she comes in contact with that is a patholgen, so the blood of the cancer patient is something she develops immunity to.
      The breast milk of the mother, in particular, the first colostrum, transfers all the mother’s immunity to the baby drinking it. That is why doctors try to prevent women from breastfeeding their babies.
      They can make more money off babies fed formula. They don’t receive the immunity.
      Add to that all the vaccines which make children more susceptible to disease because they are and always have been poisons. 800 times more susceptible to disease than breastfed babies.
      They make people sicker and sicker with their poisons. All medicines of allopathic medicine are poisons lethal poisons. They are all evil. They serve satan and like Judas, only want money.
      The poisons attract parasites, the true cause of disease.
      But mostly because of all the satanic unnecessary animal research/torture they do, they all end up in Hell when they die.
      Here is a sane doctor, who explains everything the doctors tell you about disease is a load of BULL.
      and here:
      Also, if anyone or all of any group is portrayed by the devil’s media as heroes saviors or God’s, NEVER trust them, they are the enemies of God and your souls.

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