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47-Year-Old CNN/MSNBC Legal Analyst Dies Weeks After Receiving COVID Vaccine

    Another “coincidental” death according to mainstream media – April 8th 2021, 2:23 pm

    47-year-old liberal television personality Midwin Charles suddenly passed away Tuesday, soon after receiving the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccination.

    — Midwin Charles, Esq. (@MidwinCharles) April 7, 2021

    Charles, who had preexisting medical conditions including asthma and a severe peanut allergy, was worried about going into anaphylaxis shock when she went to get the shot.

    “I have a death-causing allergy to peanuts and wanted to have my Epi-pen with me when I got vaccinated in case I went into anaphylaxis shock,” she wrote. “Turns out my ‘insurance’ wouldn’t cover it and it’s $387????”

    Taking the first shot on March 1st, Charles would have been scheduled to take her second dose days before her untimely death.

    Just got vaccinated (qualified because of my asthma) at a FEMA center. Everyone at the site is in uniform. It’s good to see our service men and women! Process was organized, efficient, and everyone is kind and in a good mood.
    Let’s do this! ????— Midwin Charles, Esq. (@MidwinCharles) March 1, 2021

    Ok. A little soreness at vaccine injection site right now. ☹️— Midwin Charles, Esq. (@MidwinCharles) March 2, 2021

    Days later the CNN and MSNBC analyst wrote on Twitter that she had “mild fatigue” after her first jab.

    Pfizer. I think I had mild fatigue after the shot as well.— Midwin Charles, Esq. (@MidwinCharles) March 4, 2021

    The mainstream media contributor’s Twitter feed is full of posts promoting the COVID vaccine, and despite posting several times a day, her feed suddenly stopped on March 24th as if her account was scrubbed or she was unable to use the app.

    She even posted a picture of her mother receiving the vaccine, saying, “This took weeks of convincing.”

    One wonders what her mother thinks of the vaccine now…

    Mom got the vaccine while praying to the Lord! I’m sooooo happy! This took weeks of convincing by the way. It’s gon be a hot elderly girl summer! ????— Midwin Charles, Esq. (@MidwinCharles) March 15, 2021

    Some of her Twitter posts did not age well…

    Black vax hesitancy makes headlines, but the most reluctant group by far is white Republicans–a much larger group.— Deen Freelon (@dfreelon) March 1, 2021

    This seems to be a problem throughout the country. I wonder why? ????— Midwin Charles, Esq. (@MidwinCharles) March 4, 2021

    I love me some @DollyParton!— Midwin Charles, Esq. (@MidwinCharles) March 3, 2021

    I miss conferences & festivals. Especially the ones in fun cities. Someone on here said there’s nothing like the fun at a conference hotel bar; it’s so true! Hang in there folks. Freedom soon come. Keep those masks on! ????????— Midwin Charles, Esq. (@MidwinCharles) March 10, 2021— Midwin Charles, Esq. (@MidwinCharles) March 11, 2021

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