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30 Reasons Why I Don’t Trust Charlie Ward

    M SEEKER OF TRUTH – Feb 8, 2021

    Any links needed for my research? let me know, any reasons I’ve missed? Leave them in the comments ✌️

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    9 thoughts on “30 Reasons Why I Don’t Trust Charlie Ward”

    1. Charlie Ward, Jaco, Mel K, Parkes, O Savin, all shills!!!! IDIOTS! ps…..don’t forget to buy his silver and his book on your way out.

      1. I couldn’t agree more about Charlie Ward. I just saw an interview with him and Mel K and Mel asked Charlie how closed are they on the financial sector and his typical response was very close. He’s been saying this for the last two months! He like many never arrive and keep changing the goal post!

        1. Remember this, Donald Trump, Charlie Ward, Simon Parks and Mel K told all of us, you are watching a show. None of what you see and hear right now is real. Your in a Movie. You should have listened to that. From the very start, this has all been a big farce. I know that, and I also know this is 1 giant stall just to get us all on the same side and get through the next Election so we can win back all we have lost to the so called left. The so called enemy is really very well played Actors. They will all take a bow when the next election is done. Not even the Whitehouse is real. None of what you are hearing is real. Only a few know the exact truth and it’s not Charlie Ward or any other utuber. Since when does Donald Trump or the high Military ever answer to these People. They do not have any secret into or in tell to what’s going on in secret. Read the Art of War and see how Donald Trump really fights. He wrote the book too. Everyone states in every appearance to do your own research. You saying they lie is old news. They already told you in the beginning. You telling us what we all know is of no use to us. Just you wanting your name in lights as well.

    2. Good job on exposing this SCUM. I’ll be dropping your video in my journey around the movement. In general the most trustworthy group are the creators that were there or close to the start of the Q drops & have stuck with it. They were motivated by the Truth & because they loved their country.

    3. I watched your b.s. video you have taken alot of stuff out of context. You elude to things bad on your video. But most of the time you have no definite proof of something. In my opinion you are adsbad as you are asking charlie out to be. And if you pay any attention at all most people that do what he does, do have products for sale. What is wrong with that. You are really not worth the time to ever listen to again.

    4. I wanted to remind you that Clif High has filed a suit against Charlie Ward and one of his partners. They hacked into his database and stole information, reported that information as their own. Stolen Intellectual Property. Thank you though, for the information you provided. I never liked this guy. It’s pretty easy to identify a con artist when you watch his videos, body language, facial expressions, incomplete answers, skirting around the issue like a slimy used car salesman and voice inflection. I don’t like that every few minutes on Bitchute his ugly mug pops up as if his opinion or his “inside information” is paramount. I know, his “expertise” is borrowed, so to speak. It’s obvious he’s had this same behavior his entire life.

    5. You’ve got to beleive anybody who’s on speaking terms with Jesus. Besides everything else he makes up or copies, he said Trump and the people were behind the military coup’s in Myamar and Thailand which is a total lie. Not that I like Trump but the people despise the military juntas and Trump had nothing to do with the takeover’s.

    6. “A fool and his money are soon parted” 95% of these so called truthers are all BS, Start doing some research and find the connections. This is a long battle,Q now comes the pain for all of us.
      The Dreaded Judge…

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